Utsab Uprety

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Utsab Uprety
Native name उत्सव उप्रेती
Born July 19, 2003
Jhapa, Nepal
Nationality Nepali
Occupation Actor
Years active 2016–Present

Utsab Uprety is a Nepalese film actor who has appeared in Nepali language films. He is known for his wide range of roles in the Nepali movies.

Early life and education:

Utsab was born on July 19, 2003 in Jhapa, Nepal, where he grew up and studied. He gratituded from Birendra Sainik in 2021 with a degree of +2.


Utsab debuted in Sanrakshan and then played an assistant lead role in a romantic love story movie called Anaagat, as a young royal spoilt brat.



  • Sanrakshan (2017)
  • Anaagat (2019)