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Picture of Muhammed Tarek Ahmed
Native name "মোহাম্মদ তারেক আহমদ" Muhammed Tarek Ahmed
Born 20 June 1994.
Habiganj, Sylhet.
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree.
Occupation Content Creator
Years active 2011 to present
Known for Traveler, IT expert
Height 5 fit 11 inches
Parents Masum Ullah (father), Sufia Kathun (mother)


Muhammed Tarek Ahmed travels abroad and likes mountains and rivers. Shared his travel video on social media. He is addicted to travel. People called him Tarek the Traveller. Traveling seems to be the favorite of almost everyone. But for some, it is like an addiction. Tarek Ahmed is one of them.

Before moving to London in 2022, he traveled around the country of Bangladesh to create blogs. Netizens loved his blogs. Nature is the place of his great love, and whenever he has time, he starts exploring nature.

This young content creator is growing up in Moulvibazar, Sylhet; that's why the green nature of the tea country draws him again and again. Although studying computer engineering, rivers, mountains, and seas are on his mind. Tarek the traveller dreams of a travel-based tech startup.

Apart from traveling, he is very interested in the language, culture, and history of different ethnic groups. Living in England with the diversity of life of different people around the world gives him inspiration to travel the world.

Early life

Muhammed Tarek Ahmed founded two highly successful IT firms as an entrepreneur in his student life. ESkill IT and TaNus IT are both of them. Mobile apps developed by him are popular all over the country. He has created millions of downloaded apps, including children's education and Sonamani's rhymes. He got the Best App Developer Award as a developer. He has received the best young entrepreneur award in the country many times for his great initiatives. This man is a pioneer in technology and innovation but popular as a traveler online; everyone calls him Tarek the Traveller. He passed as a computer engineer, and despite all the success in technology, he is still a nature lover and traveler. Travel remains one of his passions.

Professional Career and Achievement

Muhammed Tarek Ahmed Traveler, Teacher, Mobile App Developer, Founder of IT Firms ESkill IT and Tanus IT, President of Freelancer Association Bangladesh Moulvibazar District, as well as working as a Master Trainer of the ICT Division. Best App Developer and Young Entrepreneur Award in the country, along with Google, EATL, and ICT Division. A big dreamer young man, he loves to teach and travel. His writings are widely popular in various online forums and blogs.

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Social Work

File:Social work of Muhammed Tarek Ahmed.jpg
Social work of Muhammed Tarek Ahmed.jpg

Muhammed Tarek Ahmed loves to travel as well as do social work. He was a pioneer in social work from a young age. In 2012, he founded a social organization called Amio Manush—Manob Seba Songho. He is constantly working with the neglected and street children of society. This young man runs wherever there is a disaster in the country. The Charity for Humanity Foundation is another social initiative. He is a core volunteer of the Nijer Bolar Moto Ekta Golpo Foundation, one of the platforms for entrepreneurship.

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File:Speeches of Muhammed Tarek Ahmed.jpg
Speeches of Muhammed Tarek Ahmed.jpg

He has been working offline and online to advance youth. His inspiring words and speeches excite the youth. Thousands of school and college students were inspired by various seminars and workshops. He regularly gave guidance on how to make yourself efficient using information technology. He is also working with young people to protect nature and raise environmental awareness.

Published works

Tarek The Traveller:





Best Apps Developers GoogleFest 2015.

Best National Mobile Developer 2016.

Promising Young Entrepreneurs of The Year 2021.

Best innovator in Division 2017, 2018, 2019

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