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Pbe pluto Verified.png
Native name Brent parker
Born Pbe pluto
Mobile albama
Nationality united state of america
Education Associates degree in computer science
Occupation Business man
Years active 2000 to present
Known for Hip hop artist, actor, clothing designer
Height 5 feet 11
Religion christian

Versatile artist “PBE PLUTO” is a rapper, songwriter, label owner, actor, and clothing designer hailing from Mobile, AL. Born Brent Parker, he has a natural penchant for creating captivating music with relatable narratives about authentic experiences. PBE Pluto is making waves in the music industry. His style is describe as “ down south hip-hop, but with more expression and storytelling over hype club beats.”

Although, He began his musical journey years ago, In 2020 He decided to put 100% effort into his musical Career. His following has grown to over 100’s of thousands on Social media and is raising as a result. PBE Pluto music is on platforms like: BET JAMS, MTVU, Revolt TV, and Shade 45. His music has also been on the top 100 hip-hop sales charts in the U.S on iTunes.

Famous for his unapologetic and unfiltered style of songwriting and singing, PBE PLUTO has an ingenious stage presence and fresh perspective. He boasts a high musical aptitude and unique blend of smooth melodies and hard hip hop, yielding an incomparable brand of idiosyncratic wordplay and breathtaking music.


The “PARKERBOY ENTERTAINMENT LLC” and “XROSSED-KULTURED” owner seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals. He is undoubtedly evolving into a global music phenom of this Musical era