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Md. Zakaria Midya, an enthusiastic Optometrist, presently in charge as “National Head of TRAININGS & ANALYSTS, India ” at Zylux Ventures Pvt Ltd, ZYLUX LENSES, India . He has pursued Fellow in Optometry from Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Calcutta Medical College & Hospital. Besides he’s erudite in Clinical Optometry from Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai & attended Indian Contact Lens education programme from LV Prasad Eye Institute (I.C.L.E.P.), Hyderabad And an accomplished Fellow in Dispensing Opticians by his passion. Formerly attached with National & International MNC Optical retail chain as an Senior Consultant Optometrist & Team Mentor as well.

He’s the Co-Founder & CEO of an Optometry educational initiative-Optography. He plays a critical mentorship there. He’s tremendously passionate and dedicated. He also leading a research team with the passionate fellow.His main objective is to guide the youngstars. He beleives in Never Miss the Opportunity to Help Others.

As per his nature leadership automatically comes to him. As an avid Optometrist, he’s very familiar with the Optometry fraternity & has won many awards for his straightforward performance & yet highly penetrant the dispensing & public relations all together. He’s being honoured & certified in multifarious Optometry wings from different renowned Eye Hospitals & Educational Platforms across the country. This young dynamic Analyst is an amateur writer but affable passionpreneur in his province.