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Reasons for not wanting to study

Early start of training

These are children who began to purposefully and systematically study from the age of four or five. These are the children who read from the age of four, write from the age of five, masterfully count on the abacus from the age of six. Only one question torments me (as a specialist): why? Why do we teach to read if not all sounds are delivered, and phonemic hearing leaves much to be desired? Why does a child need to count within a hundred if he does not have an understanding of the place of a number in a sequence, and he still confuses right and left? It is important to lay a good foundation before the age of seven, “to lay the foundation”, as I say, then it will be easy and interesting to study at school.

Poor quality schooling

Yes, yes, there is such a reason in our time. When a teacher leads two classes and works in two shifts, when there are 34-36 children in a class instead of the prescribed 25, when the number of reports required from a teacher significantly exceeds the number of hours for preparing for lessons, what kind of quality will we be talking about here? It's not even about the personality of the teacher, with such a load it is physically impossible to teach children with high quality! The teacher simply has no time to think that if Vasya didn’t understand the material like that, then you need to try with him like this. Parents are not specialists, they also cannot assess what exactly does not go with the child, what skill is not formed in order to evaluate and help in time. If the child did not understand something, did not learn, did not work, then he will not want to learn. Who wants to feel constantly unsuccessful? But to be successful, for example, in writing a written work, you need to use in order to be successful in writing papers. Thus, if you set a goal - to write a written work, then the result will be success in learning.

Lack of support from parents

It seems that all parents wish their children well, it seems that everyone keeps talking about the importance of education, forbids gadgets. Why can't the child hear? He hears you and even, most likely, understands and tries. But every little luck (I wrote the dictation not with ten mistakes, as usual, but with only five), parents tend not to notice ("It's still a deuce!"). But each remark or a bad mark is inflated to the scale of a universal tragedy (“Well, you’re disgracing me again!”). It is difficult for a child to resist such an adult. After a couple of attempts to take the parent as an ally, the child decides to no longer waste energy where he is again unsuccessful. But in order to renew strength in learning, you need to look for resources in order to be successful. Using the help of the case study writing service and thus succeed. This will help renew the strength for training.

Biological reasons that prevent a child from learning educational material

The child has developmental features that the parent knows or does not know about. More often he suspects, but does not want to think about it, hoping that "everything will pass by itself." It doesn’t go away more often, but only gets worse with age, and now in the fourth grade, parents are looking for specialists of all stripes to help.How much time has been lost, how much effort has been invested by both the child and the parent in the wrong place! More often than not, both the school and the parents themselves call such a student simply lazy (“He can, but he doesn’t want to at all!”). Let me just remind you that laziness is a protective reaction of the body to overload or learning difficulties. To avoid such overloads, it is important to ask do my assignment for me and this will help to overcome learning difficulties. So you child can overcome learning difficulties.

Child overload

When he doesn’t have a minute of free time to just do nothing, when there is a “drama club, a photo circle, and I also want to sing”, there may simply not be enough resources to study at school.

What to do?

Look for the cause and work with the cause. Do not be afraid to unload children, admit your parental mistakes and mistakes, do not be afraid to turn to specialists, find resources and words of support for children, teach them to see the good.

I am glad that now there are more and more alternatives to regular schools, where really talented teachers teach different children and with the help of different interesting methods. Do not be afraid, look for the right ways, the right people, the right advice and recommendations for your child. There is no single algorithm and magic wand, but there are real children and their problems. We have to work with them.