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Ishrat Jahan Tisha
[[File:Mst Ishrat Jahan.png|frameless|alt=]]
Picture of Ishrat Jahan Tisha
Born Mst Ishrat Jahan
01 January 1998
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Bangladeshi Female Singer
Years active 12
Known for Musician
Notable works Jare Pakhi Uira Ja

Ishrat Jahan Tisha is a Bangladeshi popular female singer and musician. Mst Ishrat Jahan, best Known as Ishrat Jahan Tisha is a Bangladeshi singer and musician. Ishrat jahan tisha is the official artist and international music platforms officially verified artist.Ishrat Jahan Tisha she was born on January 01, 1998 in Gaibandha district.

Ishrat Jahan Tisha have been singing since childhood. I have a lot of love for music. I have been publishing songs professionally since 2020.Her first song "Jare Pakhi Uira Ja" and second song "Valobeshe Toke Ami" were released under the banner of Sristy Multimedia, the most popular music company in Bangladesh. Then in 2021 she got introduced through a song titled “Tor Apon Thikana”. .This song was also released under the banner of Sristy Music and the music of the song was composed by Rohan Raj, the popular music director of Bangladesh.

Personal life

In 16 May, 2021, Ishrat Jahan Tisha married Md Hasanuzzaman, a Lyricist and IT Expart from Sristy Multimedia.

A story of hope in your music

Ishrat Jahan Tisha said, "I have loved music since I was a child. I used to sing at many school and college events. I bought my first guitar in 2012 and sang with it. Then I went to Dhaka in 2016 to study music at my home music teacher for two years.


Ishrat Jahan Tisha started her musical Journey since 2020. Now he is an Bangladeshi popular singer,Song Writer & YouTuber.Her first song "Ja Re Pakhi Uira Ja" has crossed 15 million+ views on YouTube.He can sing beautiful songs without learning music in an institutional way. He was very interested in music since childhood, He started practicing music at an early age.

How is his current song work going?

Ishrat Jahan Tisha said I will be in 2021 Got officially verified Artist on international music platforms Spotify, YouTube and Google. Then I published some songs on my own official YouTube channel.

Ishrat Jahan Tisha said

“Corona epidemic has become a major concern in other parts of the world. Nowadays working outside the home is not safe. Most singers and musicians are working from home and publishing their work on various online platforms.I thinks the work of this genre is going to be recognized and in the future, everyone will publish their songs”

“Lastly, Everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you better songs. Lots of love and best wishes to all.


1. Jare Pakhi Uira Ja (2020)

2.Valobeshe Toke Ami (2021)

3. Tor Apon Thikana (2021)

4. Amar Pakhi Amar Nai (2021)

5. Se Je Keno Elo Na (Cover) (2021)