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I contribute to multiple wikis, mainly the english language wikipedia, and its sibling WMF projects.

I like how easy it is to port articles here. And I plan to port articles I started elsewhere to here. Deletion can be arbitrary and unpredictable at the wikipedia.

Last month a couple of wikipedia administrators were -- initially -- reluctant to email me the source text to BLP articles. I had not only started these articles, but I believed I was the sole author of their intellectual content. So when they cited policy grounds when they decline I felt it was appropriate to continue to discuss those policy grounds. Both administrators did agree to email me the source text -- but only after I said that I wanted to consider re-using my intellectual property on another wiki. I should be grateful for the eventual emailing.

Both of those articles were {{prod}}ed by "vandal fighters" who didn't inform me they were being considered for deletion. And I told the administrators I thought it would be good for the project to let me see the articles, as, if I genuinely made a mistake, it would allow me to avoid that mistake in future. Geo Swan (talk) 21:44, 10 June 2012 (MSD)