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Abdullah Al Kafi Ponishare-verified.png
Raihan Chowdhury
Picture of Raihan Chowdhury
Born Abdullah Al Kafi
25 May 2000
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist
Years active 15-04-2020

Abdullah Al Kafi " is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist, Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer. He was born on 25 May 2000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Early life

" Abdullah Al Kafi " started his musical career in 2021 with a Album tittle “ Ended ” from a renowned audio and digital marketing company “ Kafi digital Media“. Sacrificing his teens for a bright future has worked in his favor. For the result, today he is giving people “Many Good Music” & also helping people to promote their “Brand & Business” with his skills. He is also working with many musical company & also helping them how to improve their music career also.


He has won various awards as an entrepreneur. He also won medals as a professional Musical Artist. He also won a medal for owning an online portal. He has received special praise from the audience. Several of his works are at the top of many viewers' favorites.

Social About

" Abdullah Al Kafi " is a Bangladeshi Musical artist, Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur. He was born on 25 May 2000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Who is Mostly known as a digital Marketer rather than Musician.

Since childhood, Kafi was so fond of listening to music in different genres. He had a keen interest in trying new things. Deep love and emotions towards music inspired him to be a musician. His first song "Ended" went live worldwide on 25th May 2021 at numerous music streaming platforms including Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, Boomplay, iTunes, YouTube music, JioSaavn, Pandora, Napster and so on.

Now, Kafi has already got verified on some leading music streaming platforms among the mentioned. Recently he has verified on Google and YouTube as a musical Artist.

Kafi also is a self-published author, has published several books on the subject of digital marketing. On the Other hand, he creates videos, writes blog posts, records podcasts related to digital marketing to teach others.

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