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UptownLogoDesign is a digital agency that offers logo designing, web development, web design, animation, branding, and mobile application development services to its international clientele. The agency is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The company is offering digital solutions to its international clientele since 2010.


UptownLogoDesign initiated its operations as a branding agency. Initially, the company focused on branding services including search engine marketing, graphic designing, logo designing, and social media marketing. In 2017, the company evolved its modus operandi, and rebranded itself as a digital agency. The new addition to the agency`s service portfolio included web development web designing, mobile application development, and animation.


UptownLogoDesign showcases its services proffered to different clients in a portfolio available on the company`s official page. The portfolios are dedicated to the following services: logo designs, websites, and branding. These portfolios are further subdivided on the basis of industry and business.


UptownLogoDesign follows a protocol of commencing various programs for its clients across the year. The programs offered by the agency are categorized into “customer offers” and “customer serviceability”. Customer offer program features lineups that focus on discounts, contests, rebates, coupons, and free samples. Customer serviceability programs focus on improving the agency`s operations to ensure better service quality to its clientele.

360 Degree Branding Solution

The 360 degree branding solution was a customer serviceability program, commenced in 2018 by UptownLogoDesign. The 360 branding solution was initiated to offer clients of both large and small stature to benefit from the affordable branding services being proffered by the design agency.

Yearly Discount Extravaganza

The yearly discount extravaganza is a customer offer program commenced by UptownLogoDesign every year. The program involves massive discounts on all the company`s offerings for a limited period of time. The discount extravaganza, as per the agency`s policy, is commenced in December every year.

Guide Section

UptownLogoDesign sports a wide-ranging blog that covers topics on logo designing, web designing, branding, marketing, digital solutions, and other related faculties. The blogs are insightful and include professional tips, “how to” guides, and latest trends that help readers accustom themselves with the best practices in the industry.

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