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Uplift11 Ponishare-verified.png
Type Privately Held
Industry Sports
Founder(s) Michael Ede
Area served Worldwide
Key people
Employees 11-50 employees
Website https://www.uplift11.com/

Uplift11 (Founded September 2020) is a UK-based all-encompassing sports leveraging company and platform dedicated to expanding unlimited sporting opportunities to promising athletes.[1][2]


Uplift11 is a UK-based sports management agency with a simple purpose, to uplift and fully maximize the potential of new and experienced talent in sports and to develop a truly rewarding career.[3][4]

Uplift11 is a subsidiary company of Maigmike Consulting Limited registered in England and Wales. It was founded by Michael Ede in September 2020. They operate a positive working environment where all their talents can thrive and this is the single driver of our swift success. They are positioned to represent talents across sports providing them with meticulous, thorough, and professional service. They extend their scope of work with other FA-registered intermediaries and sports consultants who are looking to partner with them.[5][6]

Having made some strides in the sports management domain, Michael Ede and Uplift11 were recently featured in notable news platforms for their meticulous and thoughtful service to global sports. Their services have helped galvanize the careers of sporting talents around the world, especially in Africa.[7][8]

Uplift11 is a perfect platform for African footballers and players from other nationalities to have their talent channeled the right way. The experienced team has trained and managed many sports professionals and knows how to turn a nobody into somebody.[9]

Most talents across Africa have the same enthusiasm, tenacity, willpower to stir up the inner thoughts within them. Uplift11 recognizes their strength and potential to be the leaders and icons for tomorrow and putting their best foot forward to represent them.[10][11]

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