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Power Shooters
Unleaded and Accelerator box
Publication information
Created by MasterShooter Collectibles
In-story information
Member(s) Unleaded and Accelerator

Unleaded and Accelerator are fictional characters made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2013 as third-party Transformers. Unleaded is a duel homage to Generation 1 Transformers characters Hi-Test and Buster. Accelerator is a duel homage to Generation 1 Throttle and Hydra.

MasterShooter Collectibles

Unleaded and Accelerator are a third-party Transformers. They are intended as partners to Timelines Dreadwind and Universe Darkwind.


MasterShooter Collectibles first teased Unleaded and Accelerator on their Facebook page in August 2013.[1]

Unleaded and Accelerator were released at Charticon 2013.


The Retro Robot Radio podcast for September 7th, 2013 covered MasterShooter Collectibles Unleaded and Accelerator in the news.[2]

Fictional biography

After their transforming mech suits gained sentience at the end of the master force war, Unleaded and Accelerator were left without a purpose in the giant robot war. Rather than abandon the Deceptive Constructs, they decided to find a new role to play. Their bracelets were reconfigured to change them into weapons instead of engines. Being used by the robots instead of piloting them will take some getting used to.


  • MasterShooter Collectibles Power Shooters Unleaded and Accelerator (2013)
Unleaded and Accelerator share the a common design with most of the ShooterMaster toys. Turn from robots to guns. Comes with two connector adapters.
A Charticon 2013 exclusive. Unleaded and Accelerator were limited to 35 sets. Sold inititally at Charticon, with 18 remaining sold online the weekend after the convention.



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