Umm Sumayyah al Muhajirah

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Umm Sumayyah al Muhajirah is the pen-name of a Daesh propagandist, known for provocative views published in Daesh publications.[1][2] This writer presents themselves as a Bride of Daesh. No one has been able to tie the pen-name to a real-world identity.

The writer was particularly condemned for defending the practice of Daesh fighters making sex-slaves of female captives.[1][2][3] Al Muhajirah claimed keeping sex-slaves had been an accepted Islamic practice, in the past.

Articles under the al Muahjirah pen-name were published in five consecutive issues of Dabiq magazine.[4] Their titles were: "To Our Sisters: The Twin Halves of the Muhajirin" (6 pages), "From Our Sisters: Slave-Girls or Prostitutes?" (6 pages), "From Our Sisters: They Are Not Lawful Spouses for One Another" (7 pages), "To Our Sisters: A Jihad Without Fighting" (6 pages), "To Our Sisters: Two or Three or Four" (4 pages).

Julia Musial, writing in the Journal for deradicalization, concluded that the writer was a volunteer from another Arab country.[4]

Charles Cameron, of Arizona State University's Center for Strategic Communication, quoted from the denunciation of the excessive luxuries of western societies, in a comparison with the posing of five Australian Brides of Daesh, on the expensive sports car Zehra Duran inherited from her jihadi husband.[5]

In an article entitled "Women in Islamist Extremist Magazines: ‘Five Ways To Please Your Jihadi Husband’" quote al Muhajirah's advice to good muslim wives to be tolerant when their husbands decide to marry additional wives.[6]


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