Twin Blade

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Twin Blade
Starriors character
Twin Blade toy on card
First appearance

Starriors number 5, "The Wall" by Marvel Comics
Created by

Release number

Species Wastor
Gender Male



Cross Saw

"We're risking destruction by breaking the rules and coming here... an artist like me should have better things to do with his time."
Alternate mode

Hi-Crusin Position, Lo-Crusin Position

Twin Blade is a fictional character from the Starriors series in 1984. He is a heroic member of the Protectors and has a cross saw in his chest.


Twin Blade is a Protector Wastor equipped with a cross saw. His right hand has three fingers and a laser. His left hand is a sharp claw.

Protectors are programmed to rebuild civilization so that structures, facilities, and ecologies would be established and ready for use upon man's return. Wastors are a humanoid series of Starrior, roughly the same height as an adult human, though somewhat bulkier.

Fictional biography

Twin Blade: A brilliant artistic Wastor who loves his own work more than the Protectors cause.


Peter Pan

Twin Blade appeared in Starriors Tunnel of Doom Odyssey I by published by Peter Pan.


1984 Marvel Comics

Pack-in comics

Twin Blade appears in Starriors pack-in comics "The Wall" and "Bolar!" by Marvel Comics.


  • Tomy Starriors Wastors Twin Blade (1984)
Twin Blade is made up of 6 parts that assemble into different configurations. The arms and legs are attached to the body with 5mm pegs and holes, while the head is attached to the body with a 3mm peg and hole.
Twin Blade comes with one of the 6 Starriors pack-in comics.
This toy shares most of it's mold with Clawgut.


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