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image:tusker-battlescene.jpg|Battle scene on Tusker's box
image:tusker-battlescene.jpg|Battle scene on Tusker's box
image:tusker-asuralimbs.jpg|Tusker with Asura combiner limbs
image:tusker-asuralimbs.jpg|Tusker with Asura combiner limbs
image:azalea-tusker.jpg|Mastermind Creations Azalea prototype on FansProject Tusker
image:tusker-fanbio.png|Tusker fan made biography
image:tusker-fanbio.png|Tusker fan made biography

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Third party Transformer character
FansProject Tusker box
Created by

Species Transformer
Gender Male


Alternate mode

Robotic mammoth and trainer

Tusker is a fictional character and third party Transformer made by FansProject in 2013.


Tusker is a third party Transformer made by FansProject. He turns into a robitic mammoth and becomes the torso of Glacialord.


Concept art of Tusker and the Glacialbot's combined form was displayed at TFcon 2009.[1]

Tusker was released in small numbers in July 2013 at conventions.

In November 2013 FPCore opened Megazero, Razorspike and Tusker for preorder.[2]

FPCore shipped Megazero, Razorspike and Tusker in January 2014.


The Cybercast podcast for November 2nd, 2013 discussed the Glacialord team in the news.[3]


FansProject comics

Glacialord appears in the battle scene on the back of Tusker and Megazero's boxes, where he is fighting along side Collector and Smart Robin.


  • FansProject Tusker (2013)
An original third party Transformer mold by FansProject. Turns from humanoid robot to robotic mammoth and trainer. Can also become the torso of any Scramble City style combiner, but his intended position is as the torso of Glacialord. Comes with a trainer, rifle/trunk, shield/back, 2 fists, instructions and stickers.
Tusker's box features fake damage.
The back of Tusker's box features a battle scene with features several FansProject characters, including Glacialord, Quadruple U, Shadow Commander, Shadow Scythe, Smart Robin, Collector and others.



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