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Tuhin Ahmed picture
Born 03 January 1995
Sylhet, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Journalist.
Years active 2018
Known for Journalist.
Height 5'6"

Tuhin Ahmed, born on January 3, 1995, in the vibrant city of Sylhet, Bangladesh, is an exceptional journalist dedicated to unraveling stories that shape society. With an insatiable curiosity and a deep sense of responsibility, Tuhin has emerged as a formidable force in the world of journalism. Through his tireless pursuit of truth, he has become a respected voice, shedding light on important issues and making a significant impact on his community.

Early LIfe

Early Life and Education: Tuhin was born to Shohag Ahmed and Hena Begum, a loving couple who instilled in him strong values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. Growing up in Sylhet, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, Tuhin developed a keen interest in storytelling from a young age. He would eagerly absorb the stories narrated by his grandparents, igniting his passion for discovering and sharing narratives that resonate with people.

Tuhin's thirst for knowledge led him to excel academically. He attended the prestigious Sylhet Government College, where he pursued a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. It was during this time that Tuhin realized his true calling lay in journalism, as he recognized its potential to influence public opinion, create awareness, and bring about positive change.


Tuhin Ahmed's unwavering commitment to truth, his relentless pursuit of justice, and his exceptional storytelling abilities make him a force to be reckoned with in the field of journalism. Through his work, Tuhin has given voice to the marginalized, exposed corruption, and challenged the status quo. As he continues to make a profound impact on society, Tuhin Ahmed stands as an inspiring figure, reminding us of the transformative power of journalism.

Career in Journalism

Upon completing his education, Tuhin embarked on his career as a journalist, driven by an unwavering commitment to truth and justice. He joined a local news agency in Sylhet, where he honed his skills, understanding the importance of thorough research, unbiased reporting, and the power of impactful storytelling. Tuhin's dedication and professionalism quickly earned him recognition, and he soon became a trusted voice in the media landscape.

Tuhin's work primarily focuses on social issues, human rights, and political affairs. He fearlessly investigates corruption, inequality, and systemic injustices, striving to give a voice to the voiceless and hold those in power accountable. Through his compelling articles, thought-provoking documentaries, and insightful interviews, Tuhin has brought attention to critical issues often overlooked by mainstream media.

Achievements and Impact

Tuhin's contributions to journalism have not gone unnoticed. His work has been widely acclaimed both within Bangladesh and abroad. His investigative reports have led to significant reforms, exposing wrongdoings and inspiring public discourse. Tuhin's commitment to ethical journalism has garnered him several awards and accolades, cementing his reputation as a diligent and principled journalist.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tuhin actively engages with his community. He conducts workshops and seminars, sharing his expertise and inspiring aspiring journalists to follow in his footsteps. Tuhin firmly believes in the power of education and information to bring about positive change, and he strives to empower others with the necessary tools to make a difference.

Personal Life and Future Endeavors: Despite his demanding career, Tuhin remains grounded and maintains a healthy work-life balance. He finds solace in spending time with his loved ones and cherishes the support of his family, especially his parents, who have been his pillars of strength throughout his journey.

Looking ahead, Tuhin envisions expanding his reach and collaborating with international media outlets to shed light on global issues. He aspires to use his platform to advocate for justice, equality, and social progress on a larger scale. Tuhin firmly believes that journalism has the power to transform society and remains dedicated to his mission of uncovering truths and effecting positive change in the world.


Tuhin Ahmed received his master's degree in accounting from the National University of Bangladesh. He has worked in local and national media in Sylhet. He is also a member of the Sylhet District Press Club.


Father name: Shohag Ahmed

Mather name: Hena begum

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