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Third party Transformer character
iGear Tubes box
Created by

Release number

Species Transformer
Gender Male

Alternate mode

Tech specs

ST09 IN06 SP04 EN08

RN05 CO08 FB05 SK04

Tubes is a fictional character and third party Transformer created by iGear. He is an homage to the blue version of the Autobot Pipes and the blue variant of the Autobot Huffer.


Tubes is a third party Transformers created by iGear that is an homage to the Generation 1 Autobots Pipes and Huffer.

Tubes tech spec numbers are identical to those of Generation 1 Pipes.


In June 2011 iGear released a teaser with the outlines of Dreamwave Productions art of several Autobots. One of them was based on Pipes.[1]

Big Bad Toy Store announced preorders to Manatee and Tubes in November 2012.[2]

Tubes was released in January 2013.


The [email protected] podcast for November 23rd, 2012 selected a picture of iGear's Manatee and Tubes as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for November 28th, 2012 discussed iGear's Manatee and Tubes as part of their Third Party Roundup.[4]

Fictional biography

With all great war machines com jobs in all shapes and sizes, but not everyone is created to be a tactician, a medical specialist, a faith leader or a shield generator. Tubes harkens back to the age old adage that every form has a functions, every bot a job. Because of this Tubes takes his job as an earthen cross country hauler of toy cargo very seriously. Others may think having the job of sorting piles of loot and sorting toys is unglamorous, Tubes knows these seemingly benign action figures are an important stream of propaganda towards the populace of Earth, chronicling their war against the forces of evil - the true benefit of which will only be felt the day his race are revealed to be living amongst the humans.


  • iGear MW-09 Tubes (2013)
A recolor of Rager. Turns from robot to semi truck. Comes with two guns. Limited to 500 pieces.



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