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|data23 = Robotic shark
|data23 = Robotic shark
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| lbl24 = Function
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|data24 = Energy Warrior
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| lbl25 = Motto
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Third party Transformer character
Keith's Fantasy Club Tsunami art
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Species Transformer
Gender Male


Sky Pirates
Alternate mode

Robotic shark

Energy Warrior

Tsunami is a fictional character and third party Transformer homage to Energon Sharkticon made by Keith's Fantasy Club.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Tsunami is a third party Transformer homage to the Decepticon Sharkticon.


In June 2014 a limited run 3-pack of black versions of Tsunami, Sencho Barbossa and Tsunami was released.


Tsunami appears in Citizen Stack's pack-in comic story I Can Deal With This Now! where the Sky Pirates fight Citizen Stack, Krank and Stax.[1]


  • Keith's Fantasy Club Tsunami black (2014)
An all black version of the toy sold in an exclusive three pack. Sold without box. Limited to 20 pieces.
  • Keith's Fantasy Club Tsunami (unreleased)
An original third party Transformer mold by Keith's Fantasy Club. This mold was also used to make Sencho Barbossa and Tsunami.



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