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Transformers character
Beast Wars Tripredacus box
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Three Predacons

Battle Master

Beast Wars
Tech specs

ST10 IN10 SP09 EN10

RN10 CO10 FB10 SK10

Tripredacus is a fictional character in the Transformers series, introduced in 1997.

Beast Wars

Predacus is the combined form of the Predacons Sea Clamp, Cicadacon and Ramhorn, who are known as the Tripredacus Council. He is similar to the character of Predacus, who is formed from the same components plus Ravage and Tarantulas.

Fictional biography

The ultra beast Tripredacus mounts its attack on the Maximal fortress in the dead of night, calling upon and combining Cicacon's plague-like destruction, Ram Horn's tenacity, and Sea Clamp's crushing power. Emerging from the bowels of the earth, Tripredacus summons its forces to form an incredible weapon of destruction. Sea Clamp's concealed linkage system connects Cicadacon's chopping rotor blades to Ram Horn's powerful drilling motor, creating a mega-missile launcher the Predacon team uses to slash its slimy way into battle. With power and lethality multiplied three times over, Tripredacus prepares to overtake and rule the robotic jungle.

Animated series

Although the components of Tripredacus appeared as characters in the Beast Wars animated series, they did not appear in combined form.


Tripredacus appeared in the IDW Publishing Beast Wars Sourcebook biography series.


  • Kenner Beast Wars Tripredacus (1997)
A 3-pack of new molds. He was recolored into Tripledacus.


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