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Trident is a cyborg mercenary from the Challenge of the GoBots series.


Animated series

Trident as seen in the animated series.

Fun Publications

Following his on-screen defeat, Trident escaped prison during an episode of Renegade Rhetoric and set out to establish an alliance of anti-Guardian human colleagues to help him in taking his revenge. After assembling the titular group in "The Guardian Smashers", he and his colleagues proceeded to force the Guardians off the planet by threatening global-level destruction with the magical Horn of Gabriel. Trident received a Volcano Spear prosthetic developed by Professor Frost, which enabled him to thwart Leader-1 and Turbo when they attempted to halt his plans. However, Trident and his cohorts didn't count on the formation of the Guardian Auxiliary League, who were able to thwart their plans. Trident himself got into a grapple with Matt Hunter, before he and his cohorts were defeated by Professor Janus employing the Horn's power against them. [1]