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image:trianixalpha-tfcon2.jpg|Trainix Alpha TFcon slide
image:trianixalpha-tfcon2.jpg|Trainix Alpha TFcon slide
[[image:trianixalpha-altmodes.jpg|Trainix Alpha alternate modes]]

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Trianix Alpha
FansProject character
Trianix Alpha in robot mode
Created by

Aliases Steel Core 2, Three Kings
Species Transformer
Gender Male


Alpha Core
Alternate mode

Three vehicles

Trianix Alpha is a fictional character and third party Transformer homage to Diaclone Dia-Battles made by FansProject.


Trianix Alpha is a third party Transformer homage to Diaclone Dia-Battles.


Toy Reviewer Peaugh mentioned he saw concept art of Trainix Alpha at TFcon 2013. In that art it was called Steel Core 2.[1]

A teaser for Three Kings appears on the last page of the instructions for Riftshot Core.

In February 2016 FPCore started a contest to count the Solerons to win a Trainix Alpha figure.


The Shattered Cast Uncut podcast for March 20th, 2014 discussed Three Kings in the news.[2]

The A3U Review episode for February 4th, 20156 had a segment that looked at the Trianix Alpha test shot.[3]

Fictional biography

The biography for Steel Core mentions that Steel was considered for Project Alpha due in large part to his dedication to the war effort, but his fierce independence ruled him out.


  • FansProject Trianix Alpha (unreleased)
Turns from robot to three vehicles with Soleron drivers. The Solerons can each form the chest or shoulders of the large robot.


Trainix Alpha alternate modes


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