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Trans Former
Rock Lords character
A rock of Feldspar or the Trans Former toy in rock mode?
Created by

Fun Publications
Species Rock Lord
Occupation Heroic Rock Lord

Rock type


"If we don't finish the job and shatter them - we might as well not be in the fight at all."

Trans Former is a fictional character from the Rock Lords series introduced in 2015. He is a heroic Rock Lord.

Rock Lords

Trans Former is a heroic Rock Lord made of feldspar. His weapon of choice is his crypto-spray weapon.

Note: Trans Former is a parody of the Generation 2 Transformers character Gobots, from a reality where GoBots were a more popular toy line that Transformers.

Fictional biography

He's a vital brick in the vast heroic Rock Lords wall and can endure the most extreme conditions while fighting without fear. Behind the lines, he ties up all the loose ends by sweeping up enemies. With his devastating crypto-spray weapon, he's a tough Rock Lord and ready for any endurance challenge. And as a feldspar rock, he is equally as deadly.


Fun Publications

Vector Prime once mentioned that Trans Former was a Rock Lords: Generation 2 character.[1]


  • Tonka Rock Lords: Generation 2 Trans Former (1993)
Trans Former changed colors when sprayed with cold water. He comes with his crypto-spray weapon.
The Trans Former toy does not exist in our reality, but he does in Quadwal 1215.15 Epsilon.



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