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Tommy Bee's
Type Healthcare Fashion Store
Industry Retail Fashion
Founder(s) Tomer Brener
Products Women's Scrubs, Men's Scrubs, Compression Socks, Lanyards, Water Bottles, Handbags, Cosmetic Bags, Pendants, Penlights

Tommy Bee's (founded in 2020 by Tomer Brener) is an athletic fashion store[1] and community for all types of healthcare workers.


Tommy Bee's has assisted medical workers all over the world by providing stylish and relaxing work garments in the hopes of making them feel more at ease in their work environments.

Following the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the company was founded after the owner, Tomer Brener, witnessed several healthcare workers struggling through long work shifts and risking their lives due to the continuous rise in coronavirus cases across the country. With his breathable athletic scrubs, he hoped to provide nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physicians, and all other medical workers with a sense of comfort during those strenuous times. Tomer Brener believed that providing these fashionable scrubs to healthcare workers would help to create a happier and more hopeful work environment.

Mission and Vision

Tommy Bee's mission is to create a global community of hardworking men and women who not only have a unique fashion sense, but also enjoy a wonderful and easy shopping experience.

Quotes from the Founder

“In healthcare, it’s fair to say that we (frontline workers) constantly are faced with challenging, upsetting, and sad situations and we have to learn to cope with such animosity. This is why it’s important for us to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves.”

“I recognized that there was a clear gap in the amount of available comfortable and fashionable healthcare apparel.”

“It is very sad to see our fellow frontline workers struggling and we do our best to help out when we can.”

“If one can feel fashionable, and comfortable it will empower them to not only feel better about themselves but provide better care to their patients and communities.”

“Many of our clients are very pleased with how they feel wearing their TommyBee’s scrubs and are more comfortable at work, specifically working throughout the pandemic.”

“We are constantly reminded how our scrubs have made an impact on those that we have served.”

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