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Name: Kingtte Born: 05/03/1999 Residence: California Nationality: African American Occupation: Model Years active: 4 years Salary: $25,000-$30,000 Net Worth: $5,000


Growing up in Cali was fun he went to church a lot when He was little on his dads side of the family everything was great he knew He wasn’t like an average minded kid He knew He should be working on a Disney Set or somewhere in the public eye He just didn’t feel the confidence or power he feels now is all the difference with his life.


Progressing in his career was overall amazing Being powerful and confident at everything u do is everything to him that’s why he is who he is. For the past couple years things he likes to do in his everyday life are traveling and sex while traveling and having thousands while doin that & meeting new people with similar vibes as himself.

Personal Life

Hard things personally he faced growing up He remembers every time his dad would have him do a dance he’d whoop him and call it sissy so that messed his Head up young and bullying played in that as well but it helped him more than He was sad about it but who knew we would grow up to be distant sucks but he’s one of his biggest blesssings and lessons if u ask me.