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Thunderhoof is a Decepticon crime boss with an Elk-themed robot mode who transforms into a Tractor with thresher blades.


Aligned Continuity

Animated series

A Cybertronian crime boss, Thunderhoof had established a formidable empire on Cybertron until Clampdown ratted him out, leading to his imprisonment aboard the Alchemor. After Megatronus caused the ship to crash-land on Earth, Thunderhoof quickly set about attempting to return home and reclaim his empire, convincing a group of humans in the vicinity of Crown City that he was a legendary creature known as the Kospego. Under his instructions they began gathering supplies and building a crude Space Bridge, while Thunderhoof himself would take to the field to acquire the power source, demonstrating strength rivaling that of Dinobot Grimlock. He was then confronted by Bumblebee and Sideswipe after they scared off his human followers, and proved a formidable challenge with his strength, horns, and namesake seismic stomp. However, when his Space Bridge proved unstable, Sideswipe-after briefly attempting to trick Thunderhoof-was able to knock him into the vortex using a Decepticon Hunter, which led to Thunderhoof joining up with Steeljaw.

The two Decepticons would soon be joined by the bounty hunter Fracture and his Mini-Cons and Underbite, and took up residence in an abandoned steel mill. However, when Steeljaw attempted to recruit Clampdown, Thunderhoof objected and attempted to eliminate the stool pigeon responsible for his capture. A battle soon ensued between the Decepticons and Bumblebee's team, and Thunderhoof and his comrades were briefly captured but then escaped, with Clampdown joining their ranks. Later, when they took over Denny Clay's scrapyard, Thunderhoof and Clampdown were assigned to hunt down the escaped Denny and Russell Clay, during which Thunderhoof took great pleasure in the misfortune of his comrade. The group were then called upon by Megatronus to enable his arrival on Earth; after he revealed his intent to destroy the planet, the Decepticons faced the Autobots again and were quickly defeated and placed in Stasis pods, with the exception of Steeljaw.

The wolf-like Decepticon later penetrated the scrapyard and freed several Decepticons, including Thunderhoof, and brought them to the fragment of the Alchemor known as Decepticon Island to join the other Decepticons there. Thunderhoof was initially skeptical of working with Steeljaw again, but after seeing the island was convinced to remain with him. He would later engage Sideswipe and Strongarm when the Autobots boarded the Alchemor, only to be defeated and reimprisoned along with the other Decepticons on the island.


Thunderhoof appears in the book Sideswipe vs. Thunderhoof, where he attempts to commandeer the three-bot crime syndicate that includes Slink.


Fun Publications

Another version of Thunderhoof appears in the fiction Identity Politics as the leader of the Kospegos, a crime syndicate on Cybertron in the Beast Wars: Uprising series. His employees include versions of Terrorsaur and Scavenger, the former assisting him when he puts an aspiring gangster named Gnashteeth in his place for selling Energon on Kospego]] turf. However, Thunderhoof unwittingly inspires Gnashteeth to expand his operation, and he soon buys off Thunderhoof's henchmen to his own side. Thunderhoof-who had apparently adopted this name in favor of his original-was then killed on the orders of Gnashteeth, who soon discarded his own name in order to take up a title that, ironically, the Kospegos had given him in jest: Megatron.