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The '''Third Partycast''' is an audio podcast on the topic of [[third party Transformer]]s. It is hosted by Anthony.
The '''Third Partycast''' is an audio podcast on the topic of [[third-party Transformer]]s. It is hosted by Anthony.

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Third Partycast
Hosted by Anthony
Genre Toys
Updates Active
Debut October, 2013
Website https://www.facebook.com/#!/thirdpartycast

The Third Partycast is an audio podcast on the topic of third-party Transformers. It is hosted by Anthony.


  • Anthony (started episode 1)
  • Mathew R. Ignash (started episode 1)


Episode 1

Mech iDeas Ciber War Volume 1, Headrobots Skel-E-Tron and iGear Black Rager
  • Episode 1 “Inauguration”
  • Opening theme
  • Intro
  • Welcome to the 3rd Partycast, the first and only podcast dedicated to the world of 3rd Party transforming toys. My name is……
  • Explain what 3rd Party means
  • What are our latest 3rd party acquisitions?
  • Latest News
  • The latest in 3rd Party news brought to you by the Retro Robot Review Vidcast
  • Discuss the latest news
  • Discussion topics…..
  • Talk about ourselves
  • Why are we fans of 3rd Party products?
  • What is our top want for a 3rd Party product?
  • What makes a good 3rd Party Company?
  • Who do we think is the best 3rd Party Company?
  • Outro
  • Like us on Facebook: 3rd Partycast
  • Follow us on Twitter: 3rd Partycast
  • Email us: 3rd Partycast
  • Leave us a comment/email us, we want to hear from you
  • Let us know what you want to hear from us
  • Closing theme

Episode 2

MasterShooter Collectibles Strangedog with Timelines Weirdwold and Headrobots Butcher with Generation 1 Weirdwolf

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