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| Caption = "The Veil of Mystery" title screen
| Caption = "The Veil of Mystery" title screen
| Season = 1
| Season = 1
| Episode = 7
| Episode = 1
| Airdate = May 20th, 2013
| Airdate = May 20th, 2013
| Production =  
| Production =  
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| Guests =  
| Guests =  
| Episode list =  
| Episode list =  
| Prev = [[Rebellion on Animatros]]
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| Next =  

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"The Veil of Mystery"
The Transformers: Headmasters episode
"The Veil of Mystery" title screen
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Written by Gabriel Jean
Original air date May 20th, 2013

The Veil of Mystery is an episode of The Transformers: Headmasters fan-dub released in May 20th, 2013. It is based on episode 7 of Transformers: The Headmasters called "The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery", which originally aired August 28th, 1987.


After a failed conquest of the Battle Beast's home planet, "Animatros", Galvatron realizes that the Autobot Headmasters are formidable enemies and that his Decepticon Headmasters may be out matched. In order to ensure the Autobots will stop interfering with his plans, he makes the necessary decision that time is right to enlist a powerful Decepticon from his ranks who may not always follow the best of orders...



"History makes the future lass. You could learn to appreciate it."

Kup on the importance of history to Arcee.

"With Rodimus away, you have will have stay and defend the base. Headmasters, let's roll."

Cerebros to Arcee, sounding like a Prime.


  • This fan-dub favors the English names of Transformers over their Japanese ones. The Headmasters use the names of their larger robots for both their larger and smaller forms. Cerebros pilots the Battleship Maximus. The planet Master is called Nebulos. The Trainbots are called the Railbots, the name Hasbro used for a 2005 group of combining Micromasters.
  • The original voice actors provide the voices of Grimlock and Springer by using sound archives.
  • Kup's mention of Death Crystals on planet Dread refers to the events of an episode from the third season of The Transformers called "Chaos".
  • As Brainstorm wonders if they reached Praum too late, he makes the Sign of the Cross.


Kup and Blurr depicted with Decepticon faction symbols
  • Early in the episode Kup and Blurr's Autobot insignias are rendered instead as little red squares. A few moments later, Kup's insignia disappears completely. Later in the episode, Kup and Blurr are sporting Decepticon insignias.
  • Ultra Magnus's antennas change color multiple times throughout his appearances, from completely white, to their correct blue and white, to one side correct with the other all white.
  • Right before Rodimus Prime boards the Railbots train, the rim of his helmet is colored grey.
  • As the Headmasters are sealed in the dome trap, Highbrow's rotors are violently ripped off. After switching heads with Brainstorm, however, they are suddenly back without explanation.
  • In the aerial shot of the Headmasters-to-be trekking through the desert on Nebulos, Cerebros is drawn as his large body, not his smallest robot form. This is rectified as the angle changes.
  • During the flashback, as the sand gives way under Chromedome's feet, said feet are those of his large robot, not his small robot mode.
  • For Galvatron's first few shots on Praum, he's missing his arm cannon.


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