The Ground Shakers

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The Ground Shakers
The Ground Shakers box
Publication information
Created by MasterShooter Collectibles
In-story information
Member(s) Pinnacle & Firebox

The Ground Shakers are fictional characters made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2013 as third party Transformers. They are homages to the Generation 1 Transformers characters Hairsplitter and Singe.

MasterShooter Collectibles

The Ground Shakers are a third party Transformer homage to the Transformers characters Tip-Top and Heater.


The Ground Shakers went up for preorder at Captured Prey in January 2012.[1]

In May 2013 MasterShooter Collectibles put finished images of The Ground Shakers on their Facebook page.

The Ground Shakers were released in August 2013.


Fictional biography

Subject: Pinnacle
The Tip-Top Target Tracker!
Deathly afraid of hights, PINNACLE once attempted to serve with several aerial partners, hoping to overcome his acrophobia...

Subject: Firebox
The Heiney Heater!
One of the rare few female Deceptive Constructs, there are few others whom Firebox can relate to, leading to her cover her insecurity with empty bravado and cruel taunts to her targets...


  • MasterShooter Collectibles ShooterMasters The Ground Shakers (2013)
The Ground Shakers share the a common design with most of the ShooterMaster toys, although designed specifically to homage Tip-Top and Heater. Turn from robots to guns. Comes with connector two adapters, a black chainsaw, a purple crossbow and a black gun.
The Groundshakers were limited to 150 sets initially, with several more made afte the initial run sold out. 50 of those pieces packaged in with Charticon Aftershock.




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