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The Atlas Network
Type Private
Industry Import/Export, Mass production, Consulting & Logistics
Key people Kerim Antoine Kfuri (President/CEO)

The Atlas Network is a privately-held American corporation known for offerring import/export, mass production, consulting and logistical services. With robust domestic & overseas resources, the company provides a full -service experience that is cost-effective, has low MOQ requirements, and meets precise quality control standards.[1]


The Atlas Network was founded in 2006 with its headquarters located in New York.Kerim Antoine Kfuri is the current President/CEO of the corporation.[2] Since 2006, the company has been designing, developing, and producing high-quality products using technology advanced, innovative factories.



The Atlas Network develops seamless upfront communication and a methodical requirements analysis with clients.


The Atlas Network logistics process combines client requirements, pricing, timing, seasonality, acts of God, force majeure, customs clearance and final delivery. The journey begins with overseas transport (inland), sea/air freight, and domestic transport (inland) to the final destination.

Through powerful relationships with freight forwarders, vessel lines, and customs brokers the company brings an array of shipping options that saves our clients’ time and cost.

Quality Control

The Atlas Network offers 3 Tier quality control mechanism. To manage risk and mitigate against defects, the company focuses on:

  • Appropriate factory selection, guided by longstanding relationships, international ISO accreditation and consistent quality.
  • Third party attestation, to ensure objectivity. This is facilitated by quality experts who maintain The Atlas Network’s strictest standards and facilitates inspections at the beginning, middle and end of mass production.


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