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Th3smarif is a young musical artist of Bangladesh.He is better known as 'Th3smarif" among his fans and followers.S M Ariful Islam was born in 2002(Tangail,Bangladesh).His father Shafiqul Islam is a businessman and his mother Anwara Shafi is currently a homemaker.He is the only male child of his parents.Arif was born in a native village of Tangail called "Dainnya Chowdhury".He grew up in a folk culture of village.At the age of 12,his family shifted to Tangail town.There he met lots of people who loved modern music;specially metal music.His passion for music started to grow.

After completing SSC from Bindubasini Boys' Government High School,he devoted himself for his passion.His musics are available in almost all the digital platforms.Death Cry was his first officially released music.At present,He's studying science in Major General Mahmudul Hasan Ideal COllege which is situated in his hometown Tangail.Once in a online meeting he said that he wants to be an Enginner beside being a musical artist.


S M Ariful Islam (Th3smarif) is a international independent Music writer, composer, singer .


Th3smarif passed JSC and SSC from Bindubasini Boys' Government High School,Tangail and Currently studying at Major General Mahmudul Hasan Ideal College,Tangail.


Th3smarif received the National Writer Award in 2021, the Asian Pacific Award in 2020, the Bangladesh City Award in 2022 and several other awards.