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The Terminus Blade is a weapon from the Transformers franchise, more specifically the Fun Publications storylines.


Fun Publications

The Terminus Blade was created by the Thirteen Primes as a means to enable them to travel from one reality to another by opening dimensional portals. As their technology advanced, the Terminus Blade was rendered redundant and thoughtlessly cast aside, eventually making its way into the hands of the Shattered Glass universe's Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus would employ it to invade the Transformers: Classics universe in a bid to collect Rarefied Energon for use against his brother Optimus Prime. This resulted in the destruction of the Classics universe, with only it's Earth and a few Cybertronians surviving to travel to the Shattered Glass reality. This tragedy, among others, prompted Nexus Prime to confront Ultra Magnus and reclaim the Terminus Blade, which he used to banish the evil Autobot to parts unknown. He then combined the power of the Terminus Blade with that of the Star Saber in order to strengthen the barriers between different realities, inadvertently splitting himself, the other Thirteen, Primus, and Unicron into separate incarnations for each reality.