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One of the criteria for speedy deletion in Wikialpha:CSD is copyright violations. {{db-copyright}}
You are allowed to port wikipedia articles here. But, you are expected to make sure you do so in a way that honors the intellectual property rights of the wikipedia contributors.
When you click save, on Wikialpha, you are agreeing to put any intellectual content in your submission into the public domain. Wikipedia's contributors release some but not all of their intellectual property rights. In particular, they retain the right to have their contribution acknowledged, everywhere it is re-used. In order to port an article from wikipedia here, without violating the original authors rights, you are expected to do two things.
First, you are expected to put {{wp-cca}} at the top of the article. It tells readers the content is available under the wikipedia's licensing.
If you were the sole author of the intellectual content of the article, on the wikipedia, this step is unnecessary, as you own the intellectual content, and can release it under different licensing here.
Second, you are supposed to list all the wikipedia contributors, on the talk page.
Finally, please rewrite or remove passages that rely on templates that the wikipedia supports, but aren't supported here.