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Born 11 June, 1995
New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Super model, Model, Mentor, Grooming, Expert and Image coach 2017 mr india
Known for Model and Mentor
Height 5'8"


1.Super model, Model, Mentor, Grooming

Expert and Image coach 2017 mr india

2.Founder & Director, New Talent Models Grooming School


I have a stellar profile of having worked with several prominent designers including Sid Tyler, Rockystar and Rina Dhaka. My brand campaigns include Nikon and Editorial features include The Man and Forbes Magazine among several others. I have walked the ramp in India's top fashion weeks including Amazon India Fashion Week, Blenders Pride fashion tour, Thailand International Week and Times Fashion Week. My personal learnings and experiences led to the realization that many beginners wanting to be a part of the fashion industry lack the streamlined guidance that is required to enhance their skills and build their portfolios. After a decade of experience and having achieved expertise in the industry, I am keen in providing mentorship to raw talents.

Early Life

After starting my career nearly a decade ago, I have established myself self as a well-known figure in the fashion industry.


The objective of this initiative is threefold - to identify, train and further represent aspiring artists and turn them into competent professionals. I adds, "Nothing worth having comes easy. I've had my share of ups and downs but it's the sheer persistence and the will to achieve that makes all the difference. Having an experienced mentor to guide you throughout is quite important. The fashion industry, like science, can be researched, experimented, learnt, taught and perfected through consistent effort."

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