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The Targetmasters are a type of character in the Transformers franchise, so called because they are accompanied by smaller Transformers who transform into firearms for them.


Generation 1

Animated series

In the brief fourth season of The Transformers in the United States, the Targetmasters were introduced shortly after the Headmasters, and like them were robots operated by Nebulans. The Targetmasters were born as a result of Cyclonus refusing to allow himself, Scourge, and others among the Decepticons to be converted into Headmasters, though he allowed the Hive to perform the process on their animal alt-moded companions. In a bid to gain the edge over the Autobot Headmasters formed in the alliance between the enemies of the Hive and the Decepticons, the Nebulans modified the weapons of Cyclonus and his fellows to become transforming robotic armor that they would pilot. The strategy gave them a temporary edge, but was soon copied by the Autobots and Nebulan resistance forces to create Autobot Targetmasters.

In Transformers: The Headmasters, the Targetmasters come into being after six small Transformers from planet Master were caught in an explosion along with a trio of Autobots and a trio of Decepticons. This resulted in one Master Transformer being fused to the wrist of each Autobot and Decepticon; though they were eventually separated, the smaller Transformers retained the ability to become firearms for the larger robots and aligned themselves with the respective factions.

Shattered Glass

In the Transformers: Timelines line, the Targetmaters were created on Shattered Glass Cybertron by Ricochet, and first became known to the Decepticons when he laid a trap to capture Megatron.

List of Targetmasters

Generation 1