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Tanjil Sarkar is a Story, Article, Blog Writer & editor from Bangladesh.

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Tanjil Ponishare-verified.png Student
Native name Tanjil Sarkar
Born 25 Octobor 2003
Tangail, Dhaka Division
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi🇧🇩
Education Sristy Collage of Tangail
Occupation Writer and Professional Editor.
Years active 2015 - Present
Known for Writer
Height 5'4" Feet (162.5 cm)
Religion Islam
Parents Mostofa Sarkar, Nasrin Khatun

📌 Early Life

Beautiful Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia & that’s where I am from.

Being an only child in a broken family doesn’t help – but I have had an awesome life and things turned out pretty okay.

My name isTanjil Sarkar (In Benglali : তানজিল সরকার). I was born on Oct 25th, 2002 (though all my certs say it was 2003). I went to a decent school called Momtaz Fakir High School, then joined a college called Sristy College Of Tangail. I lived with my mom for the entirety who loves me to death.

Being an only child – I received all the love I could from my immediate and extended family which made me soft & vulnerable but If I had to do it all over again, I don’t think I would have changed anything.

I had a lot of friends when I was in school – and if given a chance, those are the days I would want back. Playing cricket without a bit of worry all day, reading storybooks in the dark damaging your eyes, good old days.

I was entrepreneurial from the school days – the first business, as I remember, was renting books to friends for pocket money which I started with a friend.

There’s a saying – How come you don’t know you are in the good old days, when you are in the good old days.

I am getting old, nostalgic and I think about that every day now.

📌 Education

   (1)   Institute Name     : Six Stars Pre Cadet School
         Location           : Bhuapur, Tangail, Dhaka
         Level of Education : Primary School Examination
         Board              : Dhaka
         GPA                : 5.00 out of 5'00
         Year of Passing    : 2006
         Achievement        : "A+" Grade
   (2)   Institute Name     : Mamtaz Fakir High School
         Location           : Bhuapur, Tangail, Dhaka
         Level of Education : Junior School / Junior Dakhil Examination
         Board              : Dhaka
         Roll No            : 128840
         GPA               : 5.00 out of 5'00
         Year of Passing    : 2016
         Achievement        : "A+" Grade
   (3)   Institute Name     : Mamtaz Fakir High School
         Location           : Bhuapur, Tangail, Dhaka
         Level of Education : Secondary / Dakhil Examination
         Group              : Science.
         Board              : Dhaka
         GPA                : 4.67 out of 5'00
         Year of Passing    : 2019
         Achievement        : "A" Grade
   (4)   Institute Name     : Sristy College Of Tangail
         Location           : Tangail
         Level of Education : Higher Secondary Examination
         Group              : Science
         Board              : Dhaka
         GPA                : 4.94
         Year of Passing    : 2021
         Achievement        : "A" Grade

📌 Career

Tanjil Sarkar Since I am still quite young, my life has not yet been thought about much. Not much work done, no career at all. I made my first income in life by teaching students. Then the content is written, edited and earned. A lot of work has been done at Ten Minute School. In 2022, everything changed in my life. My environment, everyone has changed. Because I didn't get a chance in any university. So I am busy preparing myself again. A lot of work is planned in the future. Updates will come with them.

📌 What is my goal

I often ask myself this very question.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Is it because of the money?

– Well, I got enough to live a lifetime (I am not a super materialistic person and I can’t spend money, nor do I like doing it)

Is it because of the legacy?

– Do you know the name of your great great grandfather? You don’t. Unless you help build a country, run a revolution or do something extra ordinary like Musk sending people to Mars – I think you will be irrelevant within a few generations.

The Bezos of the world, the Zuckerberg – most people will probably not remember them in 300 years time.

What’s the point then?

Why work? Why create content? Why run an agency? Why do anything at all? ……

Honestly, I don’t know….. I wish I did.

I just like the game of building businesses, creation and distribution of wealth and most of it, I like to make people empowered and install vision in them that they never knew they needed.

The biggest joy is when you know your work is helping someone put food on the table.

The 2nd biggest joy is to have Bhelpuri (a traditional Bangladeshi street food).

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