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Real Photo Of Tanakan Somjit
Native name Tanakan Somjit (ธนกันต์ สมจิตต์)
Born 29 October 2001 (2001-10-29) (age 22)
Pathum Thani , Thailand
Residence Thailand
Nationality Thai
Education Setthabut Bamphen School (2017-2019) and is studying for a bachelor's degree at a university in Thailand
Years active 2018 - present
Known for Musical Artist , Influencers
Home town Pathum Thani , Thailand
Height (5.8ft)
Religion Buddhism
Tanakan Somjit

Early Life

Mr.Tanakan Somjit is a Thai entrepreneur. He was born on October 29, 2001 in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. He is a new artist, I have 3 years of work experience working behind advertising and entertainment industry in Thailand. like to talk a lot and create marketing works to meet the needs of I want customers to be very happy and worth the money they pay him. Talent beyond the age until transcending the ability to work in the future from becoming a new artist in the industry. Facebook


He is a young rookie artist with a continuous stream of new works. and many businesses Because in Thailand there is no age limit for business ownership. For example, he is also the owner of an agency selling behind-the-scenes advertising to famous stars and famous singers, artists and influencers in Thailand. Most of them will sell advertisements with famous brands in Thailand. The people behind the scenes are often known as Tanakan Somjit or NAGARICH MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED.

Personal Life

Tanakan Somjit gave one love music gift after another. His notable music was Love the way , Nature way , Come to thailand , O mamma mammma . He made many initiatives from an early age. like being a new artist and doing business behind advertising sales and online marketing in Thailand as well

Tanakan Somjit's success at a young age helps us to understand that we must try to succeed. We have much to learn from him. We should all learn from young Tanakan Somjit that everything is possible if people try.








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