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Questionable edits

  • This massive contentectomy was justified with the edit summary "poorly sourced material" Sources removed under this poorly sourced claim include the New York Times and Forbes magazine.
  • This edit removes a freely distributable picture of Hassan with the edit summary "incorrect material".

I put a one week block on User:Hassan2831, who made these edits, and I put this article and the article on Mr Hassan's ex-wife on semi-protection.

User:Hassan2831, please do not make huge excisions, without explanation, when your block expires. If you think you can single out specific passages of the article that you think are "incorrect", I encourage you to explain your concern here, on the article's talk page. If you think the article's references are being used improperly, or are basically unreliable, please voice those concerns here. Please be specific.

if you ping me, from User talk:Hassan2831, and convince me you will discuss your editorial concerns, and will not make huge excisions, without explanation, I will raise your block early. Geo Swan (talk) 03:41, 17 December 2022 (UTC)