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MD Fahim (born on 13th March 2004) is the most youthful Digital Marketer,Web Application Developer, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, And Artist of Bangladesh. He has the cerebrum behind Ahmad Studio. The point of the organization is to build up a straightforward innovative answer for the computerized world. He is the most youthful Digital advertising business person in Bangladesh And India. At the point when gotten some information about how they figured out how to accomplish this accomplishment, he reacted by saying “understanding books and taking care of the issues given to him”.

Attached to voyaging and perusing.MD Fahim life is brimming with accomplishment and his greatest accomplishment is that he is the founder of a E-commerce Website named 'Takesom.' His other accomplishment is that he is a motivational speaker. Additionally, he had likewise settled web-based business stores in Bangladesh. His fantasy for life is turning into a fruitful Investor. Fahim is loaded with fervor. His side interests are sports, music, beverages, and dance. This youthful person is one of the most successful Software engineer in Bangladesh. Likewise, his client relationship director’s and web-based media abilities help him overseeing and arranging computerized showcasing efforts.

At 18 years old where the vast majority of the kid’s disposition towards life is flighty and unplanned, MD Fahim on the flipside was more decided and centered. At the point when children of his age were caught up with playing computer games, he does low maintenance work and got his initially procuring, which in itself talks in volumes about his viewpoint towards life. Not all children have the energy for doing various things when others tune in to their seniors some dare to think past the standard and show the world their capability to rise.

Eventually, the vast majority likens business venture with thoughts. However, for some, the genuine business venture happens inside — with the way toward venturing up, having fortitude, and doing things that you never suspected you’d have the option to do. By flexing your conduct and figuring out how to act outside your usual range of familiarity, you’ll be well on your way toward accomplishing your objectives.

Sayedul Islam

Sayedul Islam is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Influencer & Freelancer from Bangladesh. He always tries something to make new. He is analytical, innovative, self-motivated, and confident.

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