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{{Other uses|Taikon Z: The Fighting Robot
{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
| name        = MSR-01Z Taikon Z
| name        = MSR-01Z Taikon Z

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MSR-01Z Taikon Z
Taikon Z: The Fighting Robot character
Taikon Z, the first super robot Gundam
Created by

Aliases Taikon
Species Giant Battle Robot/Gundam
Gender None


Haruko and Kaori
Tech specs

Type: Modified Heavy Attack Combat Mobile Suit/Super Robot
The MSR-01Z Taikon Z is the titular mobile suit of one of my upcoming Wattpad fanfics, Taikon Z: The Fighting Robot. A powerful battle mecha robot known as a "Gundam", it is piloted by Haruko Akabane, the main protagonist and is based on the "Gundam Tryon 3" from Gundam Build Fighters.


Based on the design of both the ZZ Gundam and the robots from the Brave series, Taikon Z is a brightly colored Gundam, whose color mainly consists of red, blue, and yellow. Its v-fin is modelled after Daitarn 3's "horns". On its back are a pair of beam cannons known as the "Double Beam Cannons". Taikon Z also has red binders attached to its shoulder pads, which conceal missile launchers. Attached to Taikon's knees are yellow claws known as the "Z Breakers". Taikon's skirt armor and legs have boosters with yellow nozzles. Haruko Akabane is a 14-year old orange-haired girl. She wears a black blouse, a skirt of the same color, white socks, and black sneakers.

Powers and Abilities: Weapons

Unlike most Gundams(or mobile suits for that matter), Taikon Z is a super robot. As such, it is capable of several impressive feats. The suit's weaponry is based on that of attacks from classic super robot anime of the 70s and 80s. These include:

Booster Arm: Taikon Z can fire off its fist at its opponents like rockets.

V Stagger: Taikon Z can either throw its v fin like a boomerang or use it as a close-ranged weapon.

Double Beam Cannon: Taikon Z can fire powerful beams from its beam cannons.

High Beam Cannon: Taikon Z can fire a powerful blast of energy from the cannon in its forehead. This is apparently a reference to Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam.

Chest Glare: Taikon Z can firs beams of energy from its eyes.

V Breakers: Taikon Z can use the claws on its legs to increase the power of its kicks.

Missile Binders:Taikon Z can fire a barrage of missiles from the binders on its shoulders.

Beam Sabers: Taikon Z can use its beam sabers for melee combat.

Hyper Minovsky Blade: Taikon Z can spawn a huge sword seemingly out of nowhere.

Other Abilites

Wings: When Haruko is enraged, Taikon Z can manifest pair of large feathery wings, making it somewhat resemble the Wing Gundam Zero from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Flight: Taikon Z has powerful thrusters, allowing it to fly at high speeds. It can even fly through space.