TAW God Sword

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TAW God Sword

TAW-01R God Sword box
Created by Perfect Effect
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Nemesis Prime, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus

The TAW God Sword is a toy set made by Perfect Effect in 2009 as third-party Transformer accessories.

Perfect Effect

The TSW God Sword is a third-party Transformer accessory made by Perfect Effect, intended for the Classic Voyager Optimus Prime toy and it's recolors. It was released in a variety of colors. The set can work as a swords and wing-pack, or combine into one large sword.

In 2012 toy company MGS released their own versions of the TAW-01 and TAW-01B, under the names MGS-01B and MGS-01R.


The first three versions of the TAW God Sword went up for preorder in April 2009.[1]

The first three versions of the TAW God Sword shipped in September 2009.[2]


The WTF@TFW podcast for March 12th, 2009 selected the TAW God Sword as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]


  • Perfect Effect TAW-01 TAW God Sword (2009)
A large blue third-party sword by Perfect Effect which can also form wings and a shield for Classic Voyager Optimus Prime. This sword was copied in 2012 by MGS as the MGS-01B, some additional parts.
  • Perfect Effect TAW-01B TAW God Sword (2009)
A red version of the sword intended for use with Universe Nemesis Prime. This sword was copied in 2012 by MGS as the MGS-01R, some additional parts.
  • Perfect Effect TAW-01S TAW God Sword (2009)
A blue and silver version of thr sword intended for Classic Voyager Ultra Magnus.
  • Perfect Effect TAW-01GS God Sword (2011)
A recolor in green and purple intended for Shattered Glass Voyager Optimus Prime.[4]
  • Perfect Effect TAW-01R TAW God Sword (2011)
A blue and black sword.



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