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TAK Network ( Technology Development Team TAK Network) Ponishare-verified.png
Logo taknetwork.png
URL Http://TAK-Network.net
Slogan TAK Network Multimedia Gateway
Type of site TAK Network

TAK Network is a free and paid online [[Multimedia],Game Publisher and news source online that anyone can Sign up and contribute. The website was launched on August 21, 2021 by CEO Tran Anh Kiet[1].


The increase in demand for brand promotion, product messaging, and personal image of businesses has contributed to promoting the birth of TAK Network Technology Development Team TAK Network

The birth of TAK Network has contributed to bringing products and images of businesses to everyone, increasing the ability to convey strong messages to consumers.


TAK Network is always a reputable communication unit, always interested in understanding, users' thoughts, supporting at the root, working to the very end.


In VietNam [TAK Network VietNam]

In Japan [TAK Network VietNam]