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Transformers character
Sunbeam in Dreamwave comics
Name Sunbeam
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Light burst discharger
Partner Needlenose and Zigzag
Sub-group Mayhem Attack Squad, Targetmaster

Sunbeam is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He was introduced in 1988 as one of the Targetmasters for the Decepticon Needlenose.

Transformers: Generation 1

Sunbeam is a beach bum who transforms into a light burst discharger. He is partnered with the Decepticon Needlenose.

In the Marvel Comics Transformers stories Nebulans are depicted as human-looking aliens, while in the animated series they are green-skinned aliens. In the Ladybird Books stories the Nebulans are human-sized robots.

Sunbeam shares his name with another Hasbro toy character, a My Little Pony first introduced in 1983.

Fictional biography

Sunbeam was an irresponsible beach bum on Nebulos before he discovered the Decepticons. His greatest ambition was to go rocket-surfing on the 50-foot tall waves that occurred annually on his home planet's Magna Beach. But, having accomplished that, he needed new challenges. So, for the opportunity to rocket-surf on other worlds, he joined the Decepticons and underwent bio-engineering. He was then paired with Needlenose and trained in aerial combat. He views the warrior aspect of his job as a necessary nuisance. He says, "If I have to scrap a few 'Bots so I can ride the Mercury Breakers on Cybertron, well like, hey, no problem, dude." Sunbeam converts to a solar-powered light-burst discharger. A flash from his muzzle causes temporary blindness in all opponents except those whose optical modules are properly shielded. Sunbeam's firepower is diminished in situations when the sun isn't shining.

Marvel Comics

Note: Events exclusive to the Marvel UK Transformers comics appear in italics.

Needlenose appeared in issue #229 and #239 of the UK Marvel Comics Transformers comic, but he used guns that did not appear to be his Targetmaster partners.

Needlenose appeared in the "Matrix Quest" story working for Thunderwing in issues #62-#65. He carries two guns that look like his Targetmaster partners, but they never spoke or transformed.[1]

Needlenose and his Targetmasters had a biography printed in the back of issue #64 of the US Marvel Transformers comic. [2]

Dreamwave Productions

Needlenose and his Targetmasters did not appear in Dreamwave comics fiction but did receive a biography in issue #4 of their Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series.[3]

Fun Publications

Needlenose and his two Targetmasters appeared in the Fun Publications story "Cheap Shots", where they were employed by Ruckus as part of the Mayhem Attack Squad against the Autobot Nightbeat.[4]


Sunbeam and Zigzag toys
  • Generation 1 Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zigzag
A double Targetmaster toy Needlenose came with his Targetmaster partners Sunbeam and Zigzag.[5][6]
  • Timelines Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zputty (2016)
A new set of figures; Sunbeam is a recolor of Generations Caliburst. and Timelines Dia.


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