Sun Raid (Listen 'n Fun)

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Sun Raid  
Cover of Listen 'n Fun Sun Raid
Language English
Series Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Listen 'n Fun

Sun Raid is a children's audio cassette story in the Transformers series.[1]


Cliffjumper reports to Optimus Prime on a new Decepticon raid on a power plant and the Decepticon plans to attack the Autobots in two days. Optimus then tells Cliffjumper about how he had Bumblebee and Huffer plant false information with the Decepticons that the Autobots had come into a new source of energy. The Autobot then scramble to come up with a new source of energy to before the attack. Optimus decides to find Doctor Heath Blaisedale to help them.

In the meantime Doctor Blaisedale is being awarded by the U.S. President for her breakthrough in solar energy. Megatron is informed by Soundwave about the Doctor's discovery and cancels the upcoming attack on the Autobots, instead scheduling the attack on the Doctor's solar reactor.

Starscream leads the Seekers on a scouting mission. Optimus sends Cliffjumper to bring back the Doctor, but they are interrupted by Ravage, who also wants the Doctor. Cliffjumper fights off Ravage and takes the doctor, by force, to Optimus Prime. Meanwhile Starscream's team has spotted the solar reactor and Megatron reveals his plan to use the reactor to drain all the sun's power. Though Starscream protests that this will spell doom for Earth and all of its energy sources, Megatron tells him to shut up and attack.

Optimus apologizes to Doctor Blaisedale for her abduction and explains they want to help her perfect her reactor in return for its use in gathering energy. As the Autobots transform to go find the reactor, Windcharger arrives with the news that the Decepticons have learned of the solar reactor's existence and intend to acquire it to drain the Sun's energy! The Autobots head there, hitting speeds of 200 miles per hour, much to Blaisedale's discomfort. They arrive at the solar plant before Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp, and begin re-energizing so they'll be ready for battle. When the Decepticon jets attack, Optimus Prime sets about holding them off while the other Autobots finish powering up, and manages to wound Starscream. Starscream recovers, but is ordered to retreat by an enraged Megatron, who is worried they'll damage the reactor.

The jets rendezvous with the rest of the Decepticons a mile away from the solar facility and Megatron yells at them for endangering the reactor. Starscream still wants to go back and fight Optimus, but Megatron says he's too damaged and should stay there. Megatron takes the other Decepticons to attack the Autobots. Seeking to separate the Autobots from the solar plant, Megatron has Ravage abduct Dr Blaisedale, forcing Optimus to lead a team to rescue her. Cliffjumper and the remainder of the Autobots are left to defend the plant against the incoming Decepticons. Cliffjumper, still low on energy, prepares to take on Megatron himself. He doesn't get the opportunity, as the Dinobots suddenly arrive, having been led there by Snarl who has come in search of solar energy. Together they find Megatron about to use the reactor to drain the sun. Cliffjumper shatters Megatron's cannon with his glass gas and Snarl commands the Dinobots to attack. While Cliffjumper is now drained of energy, Snarl hooks up to the reactor and becomes super-charged.

Optimus returns with the rescued Doctor Blaisedale and has Windcharger push Cliffjumper to safety. The Dinobots and returned Autobots press their attack on Megatron, who is forced to retreat. Unfortunately the reactor has pretty much been destroyed by the overenthusiastic Dinobots during the battle, and Optimus apologizes to Doctor Blaisedale, promising to help her rebuild it. He scolds Cliffjumper for running out of energy mid-battle, before ordering him to drive Doctor Blaisedale home. The next day, Blaisedale organised a meeting between the President and the Autobots to arrange an alliance.


Autobots Decepticons Humans
Cliffjumper Soundwave President of the United States
Optimus Prime Megatron Doctor Heath Blaisedale
Bumblebee Starscream Reporter
Huffer Skywarp Security Guard
Windcharger Thundercracker
Snarl Ravage


  • Cliffjumper is described as a red truck.
  • Ravage transforms between a panther and a robot.


  1. Sun Raid. Listen 'n Fun. 1985. 

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