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Music Artist

Rapper and Independent Artist
Personal Information.
Native name Summers Ovver
Born 15 March 1988
Salisbury, Maryland
Residence Salisbury City in Maryland
Nationality BANGLADESH
Education Bachelor of Psychology University of Jamestown
Occupation Music Artist and Rapper
Years active 5 Years
Known for Music artist
Height 5,8
Religion MUSLIM

Early Life

Great music has the power to transport us. It can lift us out of any situation, even if only for a moment, and take us somewhere completely new. It can take us on a journey, show us new worlds. It can give us hope. Enter, Summers Ovver; a producer, song-writer and artist who holds these values close to his heart. Summers Ovver wants to create music that connects.

Working with a number of artists since ..... Summers Ovver carefully crafts the right beat for the right voice. Each decision is precisely curated to connect with the audience in the most powerful way possible. Working with the artist, Summers Ovver creates unique sounds before releasing the work as collaboration. The aim, as always, is to give the listener a chance to plug in, connect, and find hope in new sounds. Specialising in hip hop and RnB, this is a producer able to find new angles in some of worlds most popular genres. Give yourself a moment to escape, let the music take you on a journey; listen to Summers Ovver, today.





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