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Sumaiya Bristy is a Bangladeshi Folk and Playback Singer.Her real name is Sumaiya Akonda but she known and popular as a Sumaiya Bristy.She started her singing career as a child artist back in 2008.She doing modelling as well since her childhood age.As a model her first music video album “Kishori Konna” was released in 2009.After that she focused on her singing career professionally.

In 2015 she released her first song “Tumi amar chad” with singer Protic Hasan,Then released her 2nd song “Eto Kache” with singer Kazi Suvo at 2016.Then released her 3rd song “Premer 20 20” with Indian Singer Shree Pritam in 2018. She did Playback song “O Sathi Amar” for movie “Shorgo hote ashe prem” which is written and composed by Bangladeshi Legendary writer and composer Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul.

Sumaiya Bristy’s solo songs is “Jodi Tumi”released in 2019, Item song”Tui Amar Jhalmuri”released in 2019, “Eid Mubarak”released in 2020 “Hawar Ghora”released in 2021 and many more.

She has done duet song “Kache Tumi Acho Bole Tai” with Bangladeshi Legendary Singer Andrew Kishore in 2019, then “Valobeshe Jabo Tomake” with singer F.A Sumon in 2019, ”Cholte Cholte Holo Dekha” with Indian singer Sayan Chowdhury in 2020. At same year(2020) she released another song for Covid Pandemic situation “Banchbo Abar Notun Kore” with Indian singer Raj Barman.

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Sumaiya bristy did so many cover songs which is,”De De Pal Tule De” “Asmaner Chand” “Kolizate Daag Legeche” “O Bashi” “Ki Sundor Ek Ganer Pakhi” “Amito Valana”

Achievements: Sumaiya Bristy is received “Friends View Star Award 2021” as a Best Female Artist. She received so many “Memorial Honor”from West Bengal India which is,”Haldia Mela 2019, Pally Utsav 2018, Pally Utsav 2019, Pally Utsav 2020 and many more. She was participated as a guest at Indian Channel “Zee Bangla Ranna Ghor”.