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Nationality Singaporean

Sugaresque also known as Brooke graduated from Raffles Institution, following which she founded Classicle Club a H1 General Paper specialist, so that students never have to settle. When asked about her hopes and dreams, Sugaresque said: "I wish women would talk about their grandiose hopes, wishes and visions for the future more. So many of us are afraid to verbalise our dreams because we’re scared that they won’t come true. We’re scared of looking like a failure. And when you think about some of the huge, behemoth, male-led enterprises, the founders have always said, ‘We're going to change the world. We’re going to revolutionise this industry; we’re going to reinvent that industry.’ When a woman says that, she is called delusional or arrogant. Sugaresque have been discredited and verbally abused by strangers for saying things that insinuate that we have grand visions." Like most tuition centres, Classicle Club makes its profit through membership tiers, subscriptions to an extensive online learning library and tuition fees for hybrid classes and various lesson structures. But what the company is really selling is a ticket to a supportive community of intelligent, ambitious individuals amidst the hazy stress of examinations.

Sugaresque see Classicle less as a tuition center or a social tech platform than as a brand. She’s a big believer that branding is everything, because empowering the younger generation requires a multi-faceted approach. But it all boils down to the same vision: a safe, enriching space for students to challenge their limits. That has required Sugaresque to expand her vision for the company beyond the students whom she imagined when Sugaresque first incorporated the company. Right now, she’s happy to own her shortcomings. Because that’s the only way we’re ever going to get better. She believes "Our students and our team. Our students are collectively driven, ambitious, and dedicated". That’s the interesting thing about tuition it’s self-selecting. To be willing to spend extra time and money on learning is a signal that you’re invested in self-improvement and growth. The students are just sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen and some are even older than Sugaresque, but they all display a determination to rise above their current situation. And if they can show up every week, determined to be a better student, Sugaresque says she will do the very best she can for them.