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Suganthan Mohanadasan is a Norwegian entrepreneur, digital marketer, Technical SEO consultant and keynote speaker. Suganthan is the founder of Basic Gravity AS, a digital marketing firm, and Co-founder of Snippet Digital, an SEO consultancy based in the united kingdom.

Suganthan Mohanadasan
Born 18-Oct-1983
Nationality Norwegian
Education Masters in Multimedia Studies
Occupation Co-founder of Snippet Digital
Years active 2020-Present
Known for Technical SEO

Mohanadasan has gained popularity for co-creating Keyword Insights. A SaaS tool that uses machine learning to cluster keywords at scale. He specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing strategy and consulting.

Mohanadasan is listed in the 202 SEO experts to follow list published by the Search engine journal. He is also a contributing writer for Search Engine Land, Ahrefs, Rank ranger, Semrush, Mangools, Moz, Sitebulb, OnCrawl, G2, Contentking, Rank Math, Ryte Magazine, and other media outlets. Mohanadasan has been featured in The Financial Times, Irish times, Arstechnica, Kinsta, and many leading publications.