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Straxus is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. He is sometimes called Darkmount.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Straxus/Darkmount
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generations
Transformers United
Alternate modes Cannon/Tank, Half-track
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles, Triple Changers

Marvel Comics

Straxus was the Decepticon governor of a province of Cybertron known as Polyhex. There in his fortress known as Darkmount, he operated a giant smelting pool where the Decepticons melted down captured Autobots and Empties (the closest thing to Transformers civilians, a group of old battered and discarded robots who eke out a living in a slum known as Dead End), and used the metal to produce new Decepticons.[1]

In robot mode Straxus wields an axe-like weapon which is engulfed in energy when used in combat. He is not shown to possess any ranged weapons in robot mode, but a single blow from his axe can cut several Transformers in half, and so he is a formidable opponent in mêlée combat. Straxus transforms into a large flying cannon; in this mode his firepower seems to rival both Megatron and Shockwave and he can knock out large groups of enemies with a single shot.

Straxus was eventually killed by Blaster; during a battle on the space-bridge, Straxus charged at him with his axe, but Blaster dodged out of the way and Straxus severed a fuel linkage that powers the trans-dimensional stabilizer. At the height of the battle, Blaster kicked him and Straxus then stumbled into a region of unstable trans-dimensional space on the now unstable Space Bridge and was completely disintegrated. Blaster's final words to Straxus, "Spare me the details, Straxus", were an ironic mockery of one of Straxus' own favourite figures of speech.

In the UK continuity, Straxus' head was preserved following his fight with Blaster, and he continued to lead the Cybertronian Decepticons in a reduced capacity (literally, as he had no body). When Megatron temporarily returned to Cybertron, Straxus had a device constructed which allowed him to transfer his mind into Megatron's body. This exacerbated Megatron's existing mental problems, giving him something of a split personality. It seemed, though, that he was able to suppress Straxus.

Straxus was not finished yet. Unbeknownst to all, Straxus had a copy of Megatron's body created by rebuilding a regular trooper in case his plan to possess the real Megatron failed. This Megatron, with a copy of Straxus buried in its mind, was sent to Earth over the spacebridge and buried in London. However, it was activated too soon by an attack by G.I. Joe, Grimlock and the Mechanoid Centurion, and was dumped in the Thames while fighting Centurion. Retrieved by Richard Branson and stolen by the Decepticons he was taken to Shockwave, who believed he was the genuine article and wished to use him to battle Galvatron, who posed a threat to Shockwave's leadership. After exposing him to a psycho probe that restored his sanity by killing Straxus' personality, he was sent to battle Galvatron. However, instead of killing him he teamed up with him and participated in the Time Wars. Disgusted by his future self's insanity, he journeyed to Cybertron with Ravage and killed the local Decepticon commanders. But the real Megatron, displaced by a spacebridge explosion soon arrived, believing a Straxus-controlled Megatron to be too great a threat. The two battled, with the truth coming out as Straxus' personality tried to take control of the copy once again. Desperate not to become Straxus, the copy then killed itself, ending the menace of Lord Straxus.

Straxus would make a cameo appearance in the Transformers: Generation 2 comic as well.In an issue 3 flashback, Jhiaxus talks of the Decepticons abandoning Cybertron, leaving only petty tyrants behind. One of these tyrants, although not named, is clearly Straxus.

IDW Publishing

Though not appearing in full at the time Straxus would make a cameo appearance in issue 4 of The Transformers: Megatron Origin. When Starscream is taken before the Autobot Senate the guards in the Senate are clearly modeled on Straxus, even wielding his signature energy axe.

Straxus himself would make an appearance at the end Spotlight: Cyclonus, the first part of the Revelation saga. He appears with Nemesis Prime, Galvatron, Jhiaxus and one other amongst the Dead Universe Transformers preparing to initiate the expansion. This Straxus resembles the original, including having his trademark axe, but has no faceplate.

Fun Publications

Transformers: Classics indicated the existence of another Straxus, who inherited his possession as ruler of Darkmount from Gigatron.


Straxus appears in the Generations 2011 issue #2 "The Fierce Fighting on Planet Nebulos" where he is among the Decepticon forces who ambush the Autobots on Nebulos.[2]


The E-Hobby Convobat figure featured a bio in which it was indicated that Straxus' cloning experiments resulted in the creation of techno-organic Transformers, including Convobat and Megalligator. His minions in this reality apparently included Tarantulas and Terradive, who attempted to restrain an escaping Megalligator only to be confronted by Convobat in his Transtector. Convobat defeated them but refused to kill them, disappointing Straxus due to his creating Convobat as an assassin clone of Optimus Prime. He later intercepted the pair as they attempted to escape, only to be blasted by Megalligator's powers as the two fled.


  • Generations Deluxe Darkmount (2010)
A new mold that is an homage to the character Straxus. Transforms into a half-track tank.[3][4][5]
The mold for this figure is also used for Skullgrin in the same toy line.
  • United UN10 Deluxe United Straxus (2010)
The Japanese version of the Generations figure by Takara Tomy is in a metallic repaint.[6][7]

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Straxus/The Bard of Darkmount
Series Transformers: Timelines
Alternate modes Cannon/Tank, Half-track
Function The Bard of Darkmount
Sub-group Convention Exclusives, Deluxe Vehicles, Triple Changers

Fun Publications

In the Shattered Glass universe Straxus is a noble bard who rules the fortress of Darkmount.

Straxus appears in the 2012 BotCon Invasion lithograph by Casey Coller and Josh Perez.[8]

Straxus appeared in Another Light where he was among crew of a shuttle commanded by Classicverse Grimlock. When Shattered Glass Primus attacked Classicverse Earth his shuttle evacuated the remaining Autobot and Decepticons of the Ironworks base.[9]


  • Timelines Deluxe The Bard of Darkmount (2012)
A BotCon 2012 exclusive beige redeco of the Deluxe Darkmount figure from the Generations toy line.[10]

Transformers: Prime

Polyhex was mentioned by Optimus Prime in the episode "Out of his Head". In Beast Hunters, Darkmount (formerly New Kaon) is the name of Megatron's new fortress in Jasper, Nevada, as well as a fortress on Cybertron as seen in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.


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