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Stevie Hammock
Born Lynwood, California
Residence United States
Nationality American
Other names Stevieknocks
Occupation Music Producer
Known for The Producer Club

Stevie Hammock professionally known as Stevieknocks is an African American music producer born in Lynwood, California. Stevie became a music producer at the age of 22 and has pulled the strings behind many hits within the music industry.[1] He started a record label called Still Hungry Records in 2016. The talented producer also launched a new merch line called The Producer Club in 2021.


StevieKnocks was raised in Compton California where he grew up listening to legends like Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Quincy Jones, Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Nelly among others. They played an important role in influencing his direction in music production. He would spend days on end perfecting his craft when a friend heard his work in the studio. Blown away by the sound, his response, “Stevie that knocks bro” was the birth of Stevie’s producer alias, Stevieknocks.


The importance of becoming a real producer is producing not only just the beat but producing the entire play & the direction of the song that brings plays to life. StevieKnocks has worked with top artists such as Chris Brown, Billyracxx, Strick, Fivio Foreign Og Maco, Andre Merritt, Christian Royce, Mike Gomes, and many others.[2] StevieKnocks has several big records in the vault all of which sets him as another amazing music producer to look out for.


Stevieknocks have the creative vision to deliver the best beats to their clientele. He has developed the ability to cook up a fire beat based on any idea an artist may have.[3] When building a beat from scratch without any predetermined concepts, Stevieknocks lets the vibe of the moment inspire his creativity. This process has made him a rare breed in the hip-hop community for his unique style that doesn’t mimic other producers nor utilize kits or loops that make up the core sound of everyone else.

Future Production

Currently, Stevieknocks is focused on projects with one of Houston’s finest rappers, Billyracxx who has been buzzing with his recent Stevieknocks produced single, “Big Steppa.”[4] With the track going so crazy on the airwaves, Stevieknocks will be taking the helm as the producer of 4 more of his tracks scheduled for release during in 2021.

The Producer Club

Stevie Hammock seeks to change this narrative by leveraging the power of fashion through The Producer Club. The fashion line offers an amazing collection of different categories of products, including hats, shirts, socks, and sweatsuits, to meet the diverse needs of customers, especially lovers of urban fashion and good music.[5] Stevieknocks aims to bridge the gap between the music industry and fashion, with the talented producer delivering masterpieces to represent the producer community.


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