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Steve Pilot
Born 9 October 1980 (1980-10-09) (age 43)
Munich, Germany
Nationality Germany
Occupation Personal Trainer, Author, Fitness Coach, Vegan Nutritionist
Height 180cm

Steve Pilot (born October 9, 1980) is a German personal trainer, author, fitness coach, model, actor, and vegan nutritionist currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Steve has provided fitness, health, and nutritional advice in Bangkok for several years.[1][2][3][4]

Steve's methods of training include high intensity interval training and high intensity functional training, Kettlebell, Calisthenics, Endurance, Yoga, weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, strength and conditioning, martial arts, Wing Chun a Southern Chinese kung fu style of self-defense, and handstands are some of the other techniques he uses. He emphasizes a plant-based or vegan diet. [5][6]

He has modeled, written, and been featured in articles about fitness, exercise, personal training, diet, and nutrition on Men's Health, Associated Press, The Times , Yahoo! News, Medium, Apple News.[7][8][9][10][11]

Steve Pilot has done advertisements and acted as a brand ambassador for Harley Davidson and Sunnex Jeans doing advertisements in a joint awareness campaign between the motorcycle and apparel companies. He has also done commercials for Triumph Motorcycles and Ed Hardy Apparel in a TV Commercial as well as BMW Mini Cooper S and Schnelle Auto Car Wash.[12][13][14]

He has modeled in Men's Health, a publication dedicated to men's grooming and well-being, Center Stage Magazine (ISSUU) on the cover of Men's issue 305, Epidemic Sound as the cover model for the Youtube: Workout Challenge, Muscle & Fitness Magazine as a cover model for an issue, and Sunnex Jeans Campaign 2017.[15][16][17][18]

Steve published two best-selling books on Amazon, with the second and third books respectively hitting number two and three. In 2018, he wrote and published GET FIT PROGRAM: Attitude, Diet, AND Health, and in 2019, he wrote and published VEGAN FOR BEGINNERS GUIDE, which was also published on the Fitterminal website in Thailand.[19][20][21]

Early Life

Steve Pilot was born in the German city of Munich on October 9, 1980. He received a bachelor's degree in Engineering in 2000, considering his fitness passion. Following his studies, Steve enlisted in the military. He was born into a military family and went on to serve in the German special forces as a member of the Fallschirmjäger. For two years, he served as a paratrooper in airborne operations.

Steve returned to an engineering school after leaving the military, earning a master's degree in automotive engineering in 2002. Later he worked as a mechanical engineer, repairing cars.

Steve decided to quit his engineering job to pursue a full-time career in fitness and nutrition after realizing that his passion for fitness and nutrition was greater than his passion for engineering. He moved to Bangkok, Thailand to practice and provide guidance after obtaining training and education in fitness and nutrition.


Steve has been involved in fitness and nutrition for 27 years, studying, learning, developing, and applying what he's learned to better the lives of others. He trained in weightlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, strength and conditioning, martial arts specifically Wing Chun a Southern Chinese kung fu style of self-defence.[22][23]

He worked as a fitness model, actor, personal trainer, and later as a fitness model for a Phuket-based gym, Unit 27 from 2013 to 2018. Steve went on to study Sports Medicine and work as a fitness coach. He has two health and dietary books released as of 2020, Vegan for Beginners Guide and Get Fit Program.[24][25]

He founded Steve Pilot Fitness, where he works as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and vegan nutritionist, as a result of his travels and experiences in fitness training and nutrition. Steve holds certifications in CPR/ AED, Precision Nutrition and National Academy of Sports Medicine.[26][27]

Appearances in Music Videos

Steve has appeared in music videos by Thailand-based musicians as a model and actor in the video Bankk Cash Don't Say Yes, in which he acted and modeled receiving 1.8 million You Tube views at the time of release, and Lunatic Cursed by Lunatic, which received 160 thousand YouTube views at the time of release. [28][29]

Vegan Activism

Steve Pilot is a vegan nutritionist and a supporter of animal rights. He advocates for healthy foods and a cruelty-free approach to animals. Steve has posed as a vegan athlete for Center Stage Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine, as well as serving as a brand ambassador for fitness brands as well as vegan companies. Steve has developed a fitness regimen focused on vegan and plant-based nutrition over the years, defying the popular belief that you can't build muscle on a plant-based diet.[30][31][32]


Year Title Publisher ASIN
2018 GET FIT PROGRAM: Mindset Nutrition Fitness APub Template:ASIN
2019 Vegan for Beginners Guide APub Template:ASIN


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