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Transformers character
Kre-O Starscream box
Name Starscream
Series Kre-O Transformers
First appearance "Last Bot Standing"
Alternate modes Fighter jet
Function Decepticon Air Commander
Gender Male
Partner Kreon Starscream and Pilot

Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers series. Introduced in 2011, he is a Decepticon who turns into a jet.

Kre-O Transformers

Starscream is a Decepticon who turns into a jet.

Fictional biography

It is I, STARSCREAM, the most awesomely powerful KREON character in the universe! Don't listen to those other DECEPTICONS when they recount the supposedly "evil" exploits of lord MEGATRON. Jealous? No, I'm not jealous. I am evil, I say, pure evil! Soon the throne of MEGATRON will be mine!

Favorite Pastime: Building brick castles with my friend, Starwheeze.

Favorite Book: "I'm My Own Me: How to Command Confidently"

Favorite Sport: Bowling.

Animated series

Kre-O Starscream appeared in the animated short "Last Bot Standing," where he and Kre-O Megatron participated in a wrestling match with Kreon Optimus Prime and Kreon Bumblebee.[1]

Kre-O Starscream appeared in the animated short "Bot Stars," where he scored surprisingly high in a dance competition.[2]

Kre-O Starscream appeared in the animated short "The Big Race," where he accidentally rolled a boulder on Kre-O Megatron.[3]

Kre-O Starscream appeared in the animated short "A Gift For Megatron," where he was enjoying the holidays.[4]

Kre-O Starscream appeared in the animated short "Megatron's Revenge," where he trained Megatron to overcome the Autobots.[5]

Fan videos

Kre-O Starscream also appears in the fan-made stop motion video "Autobots VS Decepticons" by counter656. In this animation Kre-O Megatron and Kre-O Starscream combat the Autobots and loose after a violent battle.[6]


  • Kre-O Transformers Starscream (2011)
Build Starscream as a robot or jet. 316 pieces, 2 Kreons - Starscream and a human.
  • Reproduction Kreon 8-Pack (2012)
An unlicensed copy of 8 Kreons made in China. Includes Bluestreak, Sideswipe's Driver, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime's Security Officer, Optimus Prime's Stunt Driver, Sentinel Prime and Starscream.
  • Kre-O Transformers Custom Starscream (2013)
A single packed Kreon of Starscream with a weapons rack and accessories.



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